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Saturday BP, 5/25/19

MLB: Washington Nationals at San Francisco Giants Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants gave up 18 runs last night and couldn’t even have the decency to give us Pablo Sandoval on the mound. This has literally been the only saving grace of blowouts this bad over the last two seasons.

I mean, look at this box score. LOOK AT IT!

If ever there were a time for some levity in a game, this was it! What, they had to keep Holland in there for the defensive edge after he got the first scoreless inning of the night in the EIGTH inning? Couldn’t risk the game getting out of hand, after all.

And look, I get it. Holland needs the work, and that’s fine. But the fans? We need our sanity. And there wasn’t much of that to be found after last night’s loss.

Which brings me to my final point, I am never covering a Friday night recap again. Last time, it was the 18 inning game. This time, I asked the universe to try to avoid that, if possible. So I got 18 runs instead. I never want to see the number 18 again, or I’m going full Jim Carrey.