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Friday BP, 5/24/19

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, McCoven!

I know the turnover on this year’s team has been pretty fast and furious, with some players barely getting to unpack their gear into their locker before being designated for assignment. But four years ago today, the Giants made a somewhat shocking move by designating their Opening Day third baseman, Casey McGehee, for assignment.

McGehee was an off-season signing to replace Pablo Sandoval (lol) after he opted to accept Boston’s offer. McGehee was very bad in his brief time with the Giants. He was also on a $5 million deal, and a veteran, to boot. So the fact that the Giants released him this early in the season and gave the role to Matt Duffy was pretty surprising for the old regime. McGehee handled it with exceptional grace, as outlined in Duffy’s piece for The Player’s Tribune:

“Hey, they’re sending me out,’’ he said. “I just want you to understand that this isn’t your fault. You did what you were supposed to do — which is to force the issue. And you did that. You shouldn’t feel bad. You did great. When I was a rookie in Milwaukee, I took Bill Hall’s job — and I felt bad for a month. Probably more. I don’t want you to do that. That’s important to me. Do not feel bad for one second.’’

McGehee accepted a Triple A assignment before ending up in Miami, and ultimately played his final season in 2016 for the Tigers. And the Giants have, well, had an adventure at third base ever since.