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Would Mac Williamson make a decent Wildling?

Yes, we’re asking and answering this hard-hitting question. You’re welcome.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies

Fair warning for those last six fans who have just been farting around instead of watching the series finale of Game of Thrones, this article contains SPOILERS. Yeah, I’m THAT jerk. Get used to it.

(Editor Note: The Game of Thrones opinions expressed below do not reflect those of the entire staff.)

The past couple nights haven’t been a walk in the park for most fans of the HBO fantasy/drama series Game of Thrones. I mean, the show ended its run after eight seasons in such a rushed Starbucks-induced haze that it left people wondering if they’d rather watch a huge turd being spread on a piece of toast in slow motion rather than experience the “wait, what in the seven hells was that?” finale again.

And, apropos of nothing, it almost feels like the last few San Francisco Giants seasons were composed entirely by GOT showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, at least to the weeping fans.

On Monday night, the Giants hosted the Atlanta Braves on Oracle Park’s very own Game of Thrones Night, celebrating the finale of the series, the Giants (House Giants, to be exact, thank you very much), and the “House Bochy” bobblehead that featured manager Bruce Bochy sitting with his arms crossed on the Iron Throne itself (you know, before it was deep fried to a tasty crisp by Drogon). If we’re being honest here, we all know Bochy would do a way better job at ruling over the 7 6 kingdoms more so than Lord Wargs “I have to go now” McDoNothing will.

So, of course, the theme of the night shifted from their usual “Crippling Fan Depression” theme to focus on Game of Thrones, with commentators Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper talking about the series itself and even comparing the Giants to certain characters in the show. One such player was outfielder Mac Williamson, someone the commentators identified as a Wildling of sorts.

Now, this was mostly based on his now grizzly Tormund-like beard. I’m sure Kruk and Kuip weren’t hinting that Williamson does extracurricular activities that involve slaying actual giants and getting his daily calcium in a…filtered? Sure, let’s go with “filtered”…fashion.

Even though Monday’s 4-1 loss to the Braves was more focused on Andrew Suarez’s return to the rotation and Pablo Sandoval’s epic diving kung-fu panda catch:

(Marvel at that magical agility, you mere mortal peasants. Pablo has some of that shifty Waif magic running through his blood)

We have to ask the heavy question “would Mac make a more than decent Wildling?” or at least a Wildling that could survive really crappy script writing and massive glaring plot holes?

While his grizzly appearance does make him a heavy contender for this role, I don’t see him as a North of the Wall type of character who does shots of giant’s milk in his spare time while trading romantic bear stories with Tormund and the rest of the fine Wildling folk.

If anything, Mac comes off as a more rugged Gendry Baratheon-type character who both works hard and idiotically falls for murdery-stabby women who leave his confessions of love on Read. Are his numbers where we’d thought they would be after calling him up from Sacramento (.154 BA, .250 OBP, .256 SLG)? Well no, but we all thought Gendry and Arya would live happily ever after and instead got her Christopher Columbus-ing West of Westeros SO WE DON’T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT NOW DO WE?

Williamson comes off as more of the strong, yet silent type who you don’t always notice in the background until he grabs your attention by going shirtless…er, I mean saving a game in extra innings with a walk-off homer.

In the end, what we’re all hoping for is that Williamson doesn’t suffer the same fate as some of those supposedly important characters (Nymeria, Daario, that horrifying Hannibal-Lector-mask lady in Quarth) who became irrelevant after the show runners straight up forgot about them.

So with all due respect to Kruk and Kuip, I feel that perhaps Mac should be recast in this more suitable role.