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Thursday BP, 5/2/19

Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Good Morning, McCoven!

The sun is shining, L.A. is beaten. It’s a great day!

So today we would like to introduce our two newest contributors to the site! Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Casey Cantrell and TJ Macías!

Casey comes to us from within the community, and it might shock you to learn that his name isn’t actually Wesley! (But feel free to continue telling him to shut up.) That’s right, he’s our own ShutUpWesley, and here’s here to make all of the Star Trek references Bryan couldn’t get to.

TJ joins us from Texas, where she currently covers the Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers. However, she grew up in Northern California and is a lifelong Giants and Kings fan (though we won’t hold the latter against her). It may seem as though she has dueling fan loyalties, but TJ will always side with her hometown teams even when it causes her to be mocked by her colleagues in Texas.

Casey and TJ will both have features later today and we hope you give them a warm McCovey Chronicles welcome, by which I mean test their allegiances in the great cake vs. pie debate.