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Take a guided tour of Reyes Moronta’s tattoos

The Giants’ YouTube page isn’t going to stop until it has explored every inch of every Giant.

MLB: San Francisco Giants-Media Day Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants’ Clubhouse Ink YouTube series continues with this spotlight on Reyes Moronta’s arm ink. It’s 100% in Spanish (with subtitles), so this one gives us perhaps our greatest, most natural look at Reyes Moronta, the human being.

Most of us are expecting great things from him, so yeah, maybe we should get to know the guy a little bit. Here, he seems very relaxed and even a little charming. Confident, and covered in multiple tattoos that cover multiple facets of his personality and commitments.

What did he get over his Tommy John scar? Which tattoo hurt the most? He has a son? Did you know he had a son? Learn about all this and just a little bit more on the latest edition of the Giants’ Clubhouse Ink series.

Who would you like to see on the next Clubhouse Ink... even if the player in question doesn’t have any tattoos? For instance, maybe they could get Buster Posey drunk on some Mike’s Hard Lemonade, take him to the boardwalk, and get him a bunch of temporary tattoos, then record him explaining what they all mean or why he got them.

Surely, Evan Longoria has a bar code from his Tampa Bay days inked somewhere on his person. There’s no way that franchise doesn’t have a sophisticated inventory tracker. Do any of the position players have tattoos we might see featured in this series, or was it developed and produced during the time in spring training where just pitchers and catchers had reported? Maybe we’ll find out at some point this season, should the series continue.