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Sunday BP, 5/19/19

MLB: Atlanta Braves at San Francisco Giants Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, McCoven!

Not only is it Sunday, but it is a very special Sunday. That’s right, tonight is the Game of Thrones series finale! The end of a decade’s worth of entertainment that has become a cultural phenomenon is hitting some of us harder than others.

So let’s take a look back at some of our McCovey Chronicles Game of Thrones content.

First up, here is Kenny sorting the Giants into their Game of Thrones Houses. Come for the GoT content, stay for Kenny realizing he’s kind of in love with Brandon Crawford.

Then I conducted a thought experiment with the staff about which Giants would survive the Battle of Winterfell, and I have to say it ended up playing out very similarly, minus the Giants actually being there. Spoilers for this season, naturally.

And finally, Bryan highlights some GoT themed Giants merch. In which he admits he isn’t really a fan of the show. So, judge him accordingly.

There you have it, our shameless attempts to cash in on the popularity of one of the biggest pop culture franchises of the last decade. One that comes to a close tonight, and that the staff are almost all fans of. (Again, judging you Bryan.)

And it’s not just us, most of the Giants are fans, too, according to Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area:

In the clubhouse, the Giants have a mannequin that shows players which jersey they are wearing for every home game, and every time a clubhouse employee changes the jersey, he has to take a replica of The Hound’s mask off the head.

Though it’s important to note that many of them have only recently become fans and they aren’t caught up yet. So if you happen to be at a Giants game in the near future, please try to avoid telling them about [redacted].

Which leads to a reminder that we are trying to make the main threads a spoiler free zone for those of you in the same boat as those Giants players. The Thread of Thrones Fanposts have been a lot of fun this season, and tonight’s will go up before the episode airs, so that you guys do not have to wait for me to finish watching it first.

To those that watch, enjoy! To those that don’t, it’ll be over soon and we’ll go back to your regularly scheduled Sundays.