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Thursday BP, 5/16/19

Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven! And congratulations on getting one game closer to the ultimate prize, Sharks fans!

Something that I think got lost in the rush of news over the weekend was that the Stanley Cup made a visit to Oracle Park over the weekend. Some people might be awed by its presence, others maybe just impressed. But not the Giants. No, they are apparently so used to trophies over the last decade, between their own and those of the Warriors, that they thought nothing of using the Stanley Cup to hold baseballs for batting practice.

I don’t know what kind of superstitions or history come with the Stanley Cup, because (as I think we’ve established at this point) I am not a hockey fan. BUT, it seems to me that champions should respect champions and not reduce trophies to honorary buckets.

That said, it was probably one of the most memorable batting practices they’ve had this season. And the trophy got a pretty good seat for the game, if not a good game for the seat.