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Wednesday BP, 5/15/19

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven! Today I have good news for anyone who might have missed it yesterday. Buster Posey, who has been on the IL as a precaution for concussion symptoms after taking a foul tip to the mask, will possibly be back on Friday. Posey has been participating in baseball activities and has said that he is feeling good, so he will be rejoining the team soon.

Now, we all know that that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is fine. We’ve seen players come back before they were ready before, only to end up having their season end shortly after because new symptoms presented, so it’s possible that could happen again. But I will hold out hope that Buster is actually okay.

Also, since its Wednesday and life is hard, you probably needed a laugh and a good mental image. So I will leave you with this and let you imagine (or imagen in the comments) how this scene played out: