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Tuesday BP, 4/9/19

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

I wrote this piece exactly two years ago yesterday. Because exactly two years ago the day before yesterday, Brandon Belt hit the last grand slam the Giants would see for almost exactly two years. He also hit another home run in that game. And you probably know this by now, but the Giants lost that game. I even wrote a song about it, which you will hear only upon the dreaded occasion when Brandon Belt is no longer a Giant.

Naturally, I pointed that out the circumstances of the previous grand slam immediately after the one last night. I don’t do these things to be annoying, I do them as a self-defense mechanism. So no one but me can steal my joy. Because as soon as the Giants pitchers started giving out home runs like candy, it quickly became apparent which direction last night’s game was going to go.

But for a short, sweet, time in the fifth inning, what a world we lived in. A grand slam, in this economy. Who would have thought? Can’t wait to do it again in another two years.

Also, Kevin Pillar deserved better, you jerks.