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Friday BP, 4/5/19

Home Opener! Maybe?

Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Today is theoretically the home opener, which is exciting! Except that it might not happen. Lousy Smarch weather. Anyway, the team fully expects to play baseball today, they just aren’t quite sure when that will happen. They will be giving hourly updates about how weather conditions are looking and what fans should expect, but either way, gates will open at 11:00 am as scheduled.

Seeing as how we may have quite a bit of time on our hands today, I’d like to call everyone’s attention back to a post Bryan wrote on Opening Day, as it is now our opening day. If you haven’t already, go introduce yourself over there and take a look at some of the comments! We have community members checking in from all over the place! From Louisianna to Pennsylvania, and even Australia and India! Very cool! We’re happy to have you all here!

And since we have you here, even if you haven’t introduced yourself over there, please feel free to do so here! I know it can be intimidating to jump into the flow of any given McC moment, but the community really isn’t that bad! (Unless you have strong opinions about food or the rankings of any given movie franchise.)

Think about it like group jump-roping: Watch for the rhythm, wait for your opening, and then just hop in and go with it!

So settle in and get ready for the most beautiful day of the year! Even if the weather leaves a little something to be desired, there will be Giants baseball in the Bay Area this weekend, and I can’t think of anything better.