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Giants fans are not confident in the team’s direction

Opening Day was less than a week ago, but already, fans aren’t feeling too good about this season.

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Last week, Giants fans voted in SB Nation’s Fan Pulse and declared that they were only 95% happy with Bruce Bochy as the team’s manager. This weeks’ FanPulse results focus on the bigger picture:

Who knows what’s in a voter’s head as they cast their vote. “Direction of the team” could mean anything. Are people upset that the Giants were worse than the Padres? Are they mad that Madison Bumgarner walked Hyun-Jin Ryu on four pitches to fuel the Dodgers’ game-winning rally in the third inning last night? Are they mad about Michael Reed’s eight plate appearances? Are they mad that Michael Reed has been replaced with Kevin Pillar?

This is just week 2 of FanPulse and already the FanPulse voters’ confidence has waned. In Week 1, that was a robust 74% YES to the question. The base is restless.

Meanwhile, Bruce Bochy’s 95% approval rating from Week 1, before even a game was played, was impacted by a six-game sample. 84% of FanPulse voters approve of the job he’s doing in the Giants’ 2-4 start.

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