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Giants vs. Yankees, 4/26

Madison Bumgarner (1-3, 3.93 FIP) vs. James Paxton (2-2, 2.42 FIP)

New York Yankees vs San Francisco Giants

The big news that I left out of the series preview was that the Yankees traded for Cameron Maybin from Cleveland yesterday to give them another outfielder to replace what’s been lost since the start of the season. The Yankees have nine batters on the injured list, including their two most powerful bats, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

Cleveland has one of the worst offenses in baseball, but Maybin was still toiling in their minor leagues. After a very rough spring (.163 / .250 / .233 in 48 PA), the Giants released Cameron Maybin from their camp, and now he’s in the lineup against Madison Bumgarner tonight:

2B — D.J. LeMahieu
1B — Luke Voit
SS — Gleyber Torres
3B — Gio Urshela
RF — Cameron Maybin
C — Austin Romine
CF — Mike Tauchman
LF — Thairo Estrada
SP — James Paxton

I did not know who Gio Urshela was, but apparently, the Yankees are his third team in four seasons. He’s not really a power hitter — or, at least, that’s not what he’s know for — but there he is hitting cleanup against the Giants.

On the other hand, that top three of the batting order is enough to cause some real fear. D.J. LeMahieu has ownage on the entire Giants franchise, but just 11-for-44 against Bumgarner. Voit is slugging .500 in his first 25 games of the season after slugging .689 in 39 games with the Yankees after being traded from the Cardinals late in 2018. And, yes, as you’d expect, he hits lefties harder than righties, to the sweet, sweet tune of a 1.003 OPS in exactly 100 plate appearances.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear how the Giants’ lineup will fare against James Paxton, who’s coming off back to back games of 12 strikeout, 1 walk, and zero runs allowed.

CF — Pillar
1B — Austin
LF — Belt
C — Posey
3B — Longoria
2B — Solarte
SS — Crawford
P — Bumgarner
RF — Duggar

Ah, there’s Tyler Austin. As Brady noted earlier today, he’d really gone and disappeared there. Part of that was the lack of left-handed pitching the Giants had faced and part of that had to do with his irritated elbow, caused by trying him out in the outfield. His body rejected the assignment. We’ll see if that puts him in a better position to hit the hard-throwing Paxton hard.

The Giants will need someone to.