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Thursday BP, 4/25/19

MLB: San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Bleacher Report wrote a piece about Buster Posey yesterday that I’m sure was really good, if not for some overly melodramatic language early on that tried to paint him as the Miss Havisham of China Basin.

Posey may find himself on the trade block as well, although it’ll take the right set of circumstances to jar him loose from his status as the fading figurehead of a dead dynasty.

It’s one thing to think “Compete at all costs!” as a business perspective. But I don’t know if you can assume that players feel this way later in their career, especially those who have had as much success as Posey has. At that age, players tend to have families with kids that are school age. Stability is a goal many likely covet. Success isn’t to be discounted, but with a player of Posey’s caliber, what more could he theoretically achieve that he hasn’t already?

There is a beauty in playing an entire career for one team. It’s rare, and some may never be content enough with their own achievements to strive for or even accept it. But I feel like some of the remaining players of the World Series era Giants might not feel the need to chase something they haven’t found yet. Because for the most part, there isn’t much left to chase. It’s likely why so many of them have no-trade clauses. Some are likely happy where they are, content with their lives, if not their team’s current success.

It’s not like Posey’s contract is holding him back from reaching the height of his career. He’s already done that. As much as it pains me to say it, he’s no spring chicken anymore. But there’s equal worth in Posey spending what’s left of his career as a Giant and shaping the next generation of players along the way.