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Bruce Bochy’s approval rating remains steady, but fans are less confident in Giants

The latest FanPulse results also take the temperature of baseball fans when it comes to bean balls.

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San Francisco Giants v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

This year, SB Nation has polled community members from every baseball site to form FanPulse, a weekly fan poll. If you want to influence the conversation about the Giants, sign up right here to be a part of the next vote.

The latest SB Nation FanPulse returns are from polling done after last week’s 2-4 record, so it makes sense that only a minority of Giants fans (47%) are confident in the team’s direction.

That’s an 8% drop from last week but still doesn’t reflect the lowest confidence rating this season (38% in week 3). Ah, but enough with numbers. It’s easy to lose confidence in a team that was averaging 2.91 runs per game up until their two-game sweep in Toronto. The

Meanwhile, fans seem quite happy with Bruce Bochy’s work as the manager. He’s at 83%, a slight dip from last week’s 84% but still higher than week 3’s 80%. Seems like a good bet that barring something truly bizarre like Heliot Ramos getting called up and Bruce Bochy absolutely refusing to play him that fans will maintain an 80+% confidence in the Hall of Fame manager in his final season.

I didn’t squeeze in any questions this week, but I’d like to submit a few for next week’s poll. I’ll even pick one or two from the comments if I think they’re good. So, take your shot, if you really want to know how Giants fans feel about your pet idea and think you might be able to pitch it in such a way that I’ll be interested in the network put it in their poll.

Here is the result of this week’s national poll question:

There was some minor blowback to this question and maybe you can already guess why. To a lot of people, to “bean” a batter is to throw at his head. The poll questioners explained that they were using it interchangeably with simply throwing at a batter. Not head-specific.

Where do you land on the national question? What does it mean to bean a batter?


To "bean" a batter means

This poll is closed

  • 29%
    to throw at his head
    (176 votes)
  • 63%
    to hit him with a pitch anywhere on his person
    (378 votes)
  • 7%
    to straight up transmogrify a human being into a legume
    (42 votes)
596 votes total Vote Now