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Take a guided tour of Will Smith’s tattoos

Oh! It looks like the Giants have made this into a recurring series.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, I pointed you towards a YouTube video on the Giants’ channel about Dereck Rodríguez and his DC Comics tattoos. Turns out, I didn’t watch closely enough. The title of Rodríguez’s video was “Clubhouse Ink”. Yesterday, the team put out a second edition of “Clubhouse Ink” featuring Will Smith, presumably in response to the trailer for Will Smith’s new movie Gemini Man.

Or, actually, probably not and it was all just a big coincidence. Either way, here’s the trailer for Gemini Man —

Hey! Smith vs. Digitally de-aged Smith! How about that? Never seen that before!

Oh, and here’s the “Clubhouse Ink” featuring Will Smith of the San Francisco Giants. He reveals two tattoos, but more importantly, tells us the story behind the ring he wears around his neck, which is revealing in that I did not know before he told the story that he wore a ring around his neck underneath his uniform.

As was the case in the Rodríguez episode, this one sort of trails off at the end. My suggestion to the producer or interviewer is to ask the player(s) what tattoo(s) they might get next. Also consider asking if they have any secret tattoos. And, also, maybe ask what kind of a tattoo they’d like to see Bruce Bochy or Buster Posey or Pablo Sandoval get.

Still, Will Smith comes off as likable and charmingly nervous, so it all kind of works out; although, I did have one other note about the episode at large. I know SFG Productions doesn’t have Gemini Man’s CGI budget, but I can’t help but think that they could’ve figured out a way in-camera to maybe “de-dot” Smith’s bright skin. Those red bumps really stand out on the tattoo closeups. People like ink, people like the Giants, so this series should continue. At the same time, grabbing closeups of human pores remains a risky proposition.

On the other hand, maybe I’ll just shutup and enjoy the team finding new ways to show us who the players are off the field.