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Giants @ Blue Jays, 4/24

Drew Pomeranz (LHP; 0-2, 4.87 FIP) vs. Clay Buchholz (RHP; 0-0, 4.04 FIP)

2008 Canada’s Walk of Fame Photo by Jag Gundu/Getty Images

It will certainly be difficult — though not impossible — for the Giants to hit four home runs in a single road game again, especially the day after they just did so, but this is the age of miracles, the age of juiced balls all over the place. Just... baseballs flying everywhere.

Yesterday, the Blue Jays had the right pitcher on the mound to hit home runs off of but they could only manage one off of Jeff Samardzija in his 5.1 innings. Rowdy Tellez taking my baseball boyfriend Tony Watson deep for a grand slam was an unfortunate turn of events, but as Kenny noted at the time,

Today, Toronto has another great home run giving option in Drew Pomeranz. He’s allowed four home runs in four starts and has a 40.4% hard hit rate in his 18.2 innings pitched. On the other hand, he has a 46% ground ball rate. On the fast artificial turf of the Rogers Centre, that might not be such a great thing, but keeping the Blue Jays in the yard will give the Giants a fighting chance to gain a sweep today. Here’s who he’ll be facing off against:

Alen Hanson makes an appearance in {record scratch} RIGHT FIELD?! Well, okay then!

Clay Buchholz resurrected his career last year in Arizona with a 2.01 ERA (3.47 FIP) in 16 starts (he went 7-2), parlaying that performance into a 1-year $3 million deal with Toronto. In three starts against the Giants, he had a 1.88 ERA and 18:5 strikeouts to walks ratio.

He held the Rays to one run in 6 innings back on April 13th, but got hit hard by the Twins in Minnesota on the 18th (3 runs, 6 hits in 4.2 innings pitched). The sample size is way too small right now to pick out any trends, even in terms of the pitcher vs. batter data, though most Giants have had hits off of him. Here’s who will be trying to take him down today: