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Take a guided tour of Dereck Rodríguez’s tattoos

The Giants have a new video featuring the pitcher’s left arm tattoos.

San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

Posted to the Giants’ YouTube channel earlier this week, here’s a video of Dereck Rodríguez talking through his various tattoos on his left arm.

If you didn’t watch the video (just a minute and fifteen seconds long), the pièce de résistance — his Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman tattoo, which you can see in the thumbnail image — does not get a spotlight. In fact, the video cuts away each time the camera gets close to showing it.

Could it be a rights issue? Could it be an audience issue? Did the Giants not want young, hip kids watching YouTube videos to bump on the idea of Michelle Pfeiffer and/or a Catwoman from a different point in the DC Universe? Did Dereck Rodríguez not go into much detail about that particular tattoo so they just cut it out? Did he go into too much detail and it was deemed inappropriate?

Last year, he explained that after adding Harley Quinn — Joker’s girlfriend — he wanted to add Batman’s girlfriend, Catwoman. But he didn’t want to add the Halle Berry version, so he “went with the original”, Michelle Pfeiffer. Did he get blowback from old sports writers and younger ones who are much older acting because of reasons (cough) about declaring Pfeiffer the original despite Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, and Julie Newmar being “the originals”? We’ll never know... unless we bombard the Giants with letters and, uh, angry comments on the YouTube channel.