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Giants lose rain-shortened game on fifth inning rookie home run

Derek Holland was one out away from getting through the fifth inning with a tie. Rookie Cole Tucker, making his MLB debut, changed all of that before the rain sealed the deal.

San Francisco Giants v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The clouds loomed over this game from the very start. That’s not a metaphor for the Giants’ offensive incompetence, there were literal storm clouds looming in the distance behind center field. At one point, they even surrounded the ballpark, leaving a small eye of mild weather and sunshine for the first five innings to be played in. But eventually, the rain came for this game. And for Derek Holland, it came one batter too late.

Holland was strong in his five innings of work, striking out seven, walking one, and only allowing a solo home run to Jung-Ho Kang before things took a turn at the end of the fifth inning. Holland’s only walk was to Pablo Reyes, who was on base for rookie Cole Tucker who was looking for his first big league hit in his MLB debut. Former Giants’ second round draft pick Bryan Reynolds had already gotten his earlier in the game. Reynolds and Tucker were both called up after last night’s horrible collision between Starling Marte and Erik González.

The rain was beginning to fall in PNC Park, as Holland looked to get the third out of the inning to keep the game tied. Tucker’s family was looking on, hoping to see him get his first hit, and he did not disappoint. Despite the aggressive winds blowing, Tucker sent a low-90s sinker on a ride over the center field wall to give the Pirates a 3-1 lead going into the rain delay. He also treated the fans to a well-deserved curtain call.

The Giants’ scored their run in an entertaining fashion, at least. Kevin Pillar hit a leadoff single in the fourth inning, after which Holland came up to bat. With no one expecting much, Holland, well, laid down isn’t quite the right term for it, but he delivered an exceptional bunt. It kind of went over the head of the charging Kang, which allowed Pillar to get into scoring position at second base and Holland to reach safely.

Steven Duggar then singled to left field, where Jason Martin fumbled the ball, which allowed Pillar to get the go sign and score from second. Unfortunately, with one out, Holland strayed a bit too far from second base during Gerardo Parra’s at bat, so when Parra lined out to the shortstop, it was almost too easy for the Pirates to throw out Holland to turn two.

The game entered a rain delay around 2:30 pm California time, and two and a half hours later, they finally called it, meaning that the Pirates won, 3-1.