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Khris Davis signs an extension with the A’s

The Oakland slugger re-upped with the Athletics for two more years.

Boston Red Sox v Oakland Athletics Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It’s extension season, and the Oakland Athletics are getting in on the fun, as they agreed to a two-year extension with slugger Khris Davis.

The deal begins next year, which would have been Davis’ first year of free agency. The deal is structured to perfectly split the money owed, so Davis will receive $16.75 million each year.

He had publicly stated a desire to stay in Oakland, and the A’s obviously wanted to keep him (if, you know, they could do it at a semi-reasonable price, as is their wont), so everyone seems happy.

It’s a rather fair deal for both sides. Davis, who has had a wRC+ at or above 122 in each of the last five years (including this season, where his 153 wRC+ is 16th in the American League) is worthy of a nice payday, but between his age (31), and his positional limitations (he really should just be a designated hitter), he wasn’t likely to get a lot of traction upon reaching free agency, and may have simply taken the qualifying offer.

For the A’s, they keep a heart-of-the-order fan favorite around, for a short enough commitment that the deal can’t really go south for them.

Everyone wins! Isn’t it nice when that happens?

Davis, who led the AL with 48 dingers a year ago, is on pace to have his best season yet. He’s slashing .260/.305/.662, and - sorry to make this article about depressing San Francisco Giants tidbits, but that’s what we do here - his ten home runs are 66.7% as many as the entire Giants team.

Of course, I can’t end the article without making the same jokes about Davis’ name that everyone else has, because there are two of them!

Somehow, on a Giants site, I have now managed to write about two different Chris/Khris Davises (Davis’? Davii?) in the same week. One for having literally the worst offensive streak in MLB history, and the other for being so good offensively that he earned a massive payday.

And then, of course, there are the initials.

But of course.