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Monday BP, 4/15/19

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning, McCoven! It’s the start of another wonderful week of baseball, and thankfully last week didn’t end with the Giants getting no-hit.

Today we’re doing some housekeeping to go over how the threads are going to work during the season.

I will post the BP posts every morning at 8:00 am. These are the live thread until Bryan posts the Game Thread about an hour before the game, and we will migrate over there to chat about the games.

Just a quick note about the game threads, while I’m not forbidding off topic conversations (because that’s not how we roll around here), it would be preferable if we are mindful about keeping those threaded.

For instance, if there is a thread about basketball or last night’s Game of Thrones, please consider adding your comments to the existing thread rather than starting a new one. That way, those who want to just follow along with the game don’t have to wade through a ton of off topic comments to do so. This is pretty much the only place I’ll ask that of you. Also, please limit gifs and reduce the size of any photos you share in these threads, as they can make them lag.

After the game, the recap should usually be up within an hour and that will be the live thread until the morning BP, where we will do it all over again.

And when there isn’t a game, like today, then the BP will be the live thread all day! So happy chatting!

Oh, and don’t forget to finish your taxes!