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Saturday BP, 4/13/19

Milwaukee Brewers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Good morning to the McCoven!

Do you ever get so deliriously tired that you stop making any sense, even to yourself? Where you stop forming short term memories? That used to happen to me in high school on the bus rides home from competitions. And it happened again last night.

I was on recap duty for last night’s never ending game and apparently I started waxing poetic about the 12th inning. I don’t recall doing this, and it didn’t make it into the recap, but here’s a little bonus content just for the Saturday morning readers:

A delirious crowd, so emotionally exhausted that they have forgotten how to tell the difference between the sound of a Brandon Belt fly ball and a home run. After so many innings of monotonous baseball, they have likely also forgotten their own names. Euphorically cheering, cheering, cheering...then sighing in disappointment at the routine catch of a fly ball. That is the sound of the 12th inning. And now, a pitching change.

Go take a nap everyone. You’ve earned it.