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Who do FanPulse voters consider to be the best Giants reliever?

That answer and more in this week’s FanPulse voting results!

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Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Every week, SB Nation releases the results of its FanPulse voting. If you haven’t already signed up to be a participant, why don’t you go do that right now? Your vote can help influence The Discourse about our beloved team.

And, uh, two weeks into the season, we’re still, uh, loving them... right?

Well... you see... about that...

Just 38% of the voters have confidence in the team’s direction after just two weeks of games played. Despite their 4-9 start, the Giants had chances to be 6-7 heading into this weekend’s series against the Rockies. The offense is abhorrent, but the pitching has delivered as advertised. It seems like there’d be a glimmer of hope beyond 38%.

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On the other hand, maybe 38% of the voters love the rebuild direction the team’s going in and the rest aren’t open to that idea just yet.

Meanwhile, Bruce Bochy’s job performance has dropped down to 80% in favor of his decision-making, a fall from 95% from our very first FanPulse. Now here’s a result I can get into a little bit.

On Tuesday, I wrote about how Bruce Bochy’s refusal to accept that there’s a “third time through the order” penalty that all starting pitchers are susceptible to after he brought in Madison Bumgarner to start the seventh inning after two rough innings prior. Yesterday, he did sort of the same thing and left in Dereck Rodriguez to bat in the bottom of the fifth inning with a runner on second base.

Now, Rodriguez would single, and Erik Kratz would later be tagged out on a different play probably because he didn’t slide, but if Bochy had pinch hit in that moment, might the next batter have doubled, homered, or simply created more stress in the inning for Nick Margevicius? We’ll never know, but with an eight-man bullpen, it seems like we should be seeing more of these moves, especially early in the season when the offense is struggling.

I put in a separate question to ask this week: who is the best reliever in the bullpen?

Moronta certainly took a hit from the bomb he gave up to Franmil Reyes on Monday night, but it’s clear that the FanPulse voters are still watching the games in the later innings.

Remarkably, Mark Melancon is the only reliever with a 0.00 ERA, and he has pitched the same number of innings as Moronta.

Finally, a separate national question was added, and it demonstrates that FanPulse voters across the network have a good eye for entertaining baseball: