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Thursday BP, 4/11/19

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

It’s April, which means that the NHL and NBA playoffs are here or almost here. And once again, we will have both Bay Area teams representing. Last night, the San Jose Sharks started their series against the Las Vegas Golden Knights with a win. And you’ll never guess who was in attendance:

Okay, well, maybe you will. Anyway, I only follow hockey vicariously through the annual crushing disappointment of my online friends. But I guess it’s a thing that someone opens the door for the team before they come out on the ice, maybe similar to the first pitch? Either way, last night it was Brandon Belt who was on hand to do the honors:

I may not follow hockey, but I have an investment in the Sharks doing well and not making my friends, family and many of you very sad. So best of luck to the Sharks. And to the Golden State Warriors who start their run at a third title in a row, four in five years, on Saturday against the Los Angeles Clippers.

And I hope we get more of these Bay Area Unite appearances. It’s always fun to see the guys out at a game they don’t have to play in, supporting other local teams, regardless of where they may come from.