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Wednesday BP, 4/10/19

Tampa Bay Rays v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

I don’t know what to make of this recent flurry of focus on the announced home game attendance numbers for the Giants. It’s been covered steadily (while steadily declining) since the home season began, with all of the beat writers making note of it and comparing it to the last time the attendance was low. Which is definitely NOT a thing that gets old almost immediately, no sir.

Here’s the thing: 1.) I’m writing this Tuesday afternoon, so who knows what happened in last night’s game. But, 2.) This team? It is bad. Unspeakably bad. And there is no reason to believe it’s going to get much better any time soon.

And you know what? I’ll probably end up going to more games this season than I have in recent years because of that (I do not like crowds). The same may be true for other fans who still just like to go see live baseball in person.

But for a whole lot of other people, especially those on a budget or planning a trip for a family, it may not seem worth the investment on travel and concessions when you know the team is going to lose roughly two thirds of their games.

I don’t know what is so surprising to the Giants’ media about low attendance given everything we know about the recent past and at least the short term future of this team.

Perhaps they aren’t the ones who are surprised, though. It’s possible this is starting to be a wake-up call to the organization that the status quo isn’t going to work anymore to keep plentiful butts in the seats and season ticket money flowing.