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Thursday BP, 3/7/19

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Miami Marlins v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Kerry Crowley of The Mercury News wrote about the Giants outfield, noting that the trio that played yesterday could very well end up being the opening day outfielders. The trio would be Mac Wiliamson in LF, Steven Duggar in CF and Gerardo Parra in RF.

With Drew Ferguson and Cameron Maybin off to rough starts (in Maybin’s case, both on and off the field), Crowley indicates that the Giants may opt not to carry a fourth outfielder and instead carry 13 pitchers and opt for more utility depth instead.

However, there are still three weeks until rosters will be locked in, so this doesn’t mean the team can’t still make moves, as Crowley notes in his piece. There are still free agent targets on the market and trade pieces to work with.

It feels a little odd, this late in the spring, to not know who at least one of the opening day outfielders will be. I have to assume that Williamson will indeed be one of them. Considering all of the promise he showed last year before he was injured, and the fact that he is out of options, I can’t see the team parting ways with him without giving him at least one more shot.

Who would you like to see playing in the outfield on opening day? Do you like the three leaders they have so far, or do you have someone else in the organization that you’d like to see get a shot? What a about trades/free agents?