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Monday BP, 3/4/19

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MLB: Spring Training-San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Giants have issued a statement as of 7:37 this morning:

If you’re unable to open and read the full embed, here’s the statement:

Statement from the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Baseball Associates on Behalf of the Giants Ownership Group

The Board of Directors of San Francisco Baseball Associates is closely monitoring the matter involving Giants President and CEO Larry Baer. Pursuant to league policy, Major League Baseball is taking the lead in gathering all facts surrounding the situation. The organization is cooperating fully with the process.

Mr. Baer has acknowledged that his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happen again. He has also requested, and the Board has accepted, his request to take personal time away from the Giants beginning today. The Board has asked the Giants executive team to manage the day to day operations of the Club during this period, reporting directly to the Board.

As leaders in the community, we at the Giants hold ourselves to the highest standards and those standards will guide how we consider this matter moving forward.

The majority of reactions Online were strongly against any actions being taken against Mr. Baer and that the entire matter was some sort of snowflake liberal agenda. It is doubtful we will see these same people making their comments in this particular thread, as the headline does not specifically point to a controversy, suggesting that people’s strong negative reaction to people being upset by the video are trolling.

Regardless, the CEO of a baseball team is taking a leave of absence. That is news, no matter what the trolls think. And it’s news because it’s always news when the public face of an organization steps down for any length of time for any reason. It’s a shame I have to reiterate that, but a lot of people spent the weekend demanding that we all ignore what happened.