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Game of Thrones will be everywhere for its final season, including on the Giants’ logo

FOCO has Giants-themed bobbleheads for the final season of the HBO show.

Kristian Nairn AKA Hodor from Game of Thrones Holds the Door and Serves Dark Roast Coffee to Welcome Winter at Dunkin’ Donuts Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for Dunkin’ Donuts

I’m a casual fan of Game of Thrones in that I like its sense of scale and for a TV show, it looks fantastic. There are also a few characters to whom I’m very attached, and if Arya dies at the end of the story I will be compelled to track down George R.R. Martin and —

Hey! I really love baseball, too, so a collaboration between a thing I like and a thing I love seems to be a good combination. For other Giants fans out there and on this site who love Game of Thrones, then these FOCO “cross-licensed” bobbleheads between Game of Thrones and Major League Baseball are hitting at just the right time. Spring has sprung and so has the Game of Thrones merchandise attack.

Yeah, that’s the ol’ Ice King there with the ice death-converted dragon Viserion looming ominously behind sweet, innocent Lou Seal. These are sold separately, but they’re also not the only ones FOCO has to offer:

That’s supposed to be Madison Bumgarner as a member of the Night’s Watch, but I’ll defer to your expertise of Madison Bumgarner’s face to verify this bobblehead’s identity. In the meantime, one more Game of Thrones-themed bobblehead:

You can check out their store at if you’re interested or you can scramble to get tickets to the Monday, May 20th game against the Atlanta Braves and grab one of these:

Personally, no single Giant captures the realities of that Game of Thrones life better than Bruce Bochy. A strong tactician who was able to catapult himself to the top for a brief period of time before watching it all crumble before him. Unlike the show, he seems likely to escape with his head.