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Saturday BP, 3/30/19

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MLB: Spring Training-Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Raise your hand if you’re still annoyed about the end of last night’s game?

Good. So am I. But you know what? I’m almost more annoyed that it took the team 17 innings to remember how to hit the baseball, let alone score a single run. There was talk after the game about how it was such a good sign that their offense was coming to life in the ninth inning; that it meant that they were getting things going in the right direction.

Let’s review that inning, shall we? Evan Longoria solo home run: Awesome! But two of the plate appearances that resulted in loading the bases for the Giants were a walk by Steven Duggar, and Erik Kratz getting hit by a pitch.

On the radio, Jon Miller said something to the effect of “It hits him, and that’s a break!” and I got pretty concerned, thinking that Kratz had a broken bone. But no, Miller meant that it was lucky that Kratz got hit because there’s apparently NO OTHER WAY TO GET A RUNNER ON THIRD BASE.

I’m not mad. Really, I’m laughing.

Okay, nope, not laughing. Just experiencing a hollow, sad feeling. Masked by a blinding rage about shifting strike zones. Brandon Belt would have hit a game-winning grand slam if he had seen another pitch and you can’t convince me otherwise.