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Friday BP, 3/29/19

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San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

So the season has started and it’s like there was never a moment when we weren’t watching frustratingly mediocre baseball. For the last three and a half years, it’s just been going non-stop. Nineteen months ago, you were begging for the Giants to score one run, just one run, and you haven’t stopped begging for that nearly two years later.

Anyway, my point was that when you know your team is going to stink, it might be fair to say that the anticipation of baseball’s return feels a bit better than actually having baseball back and being disappointed by it on a daily basis.

But we’ve got 161 more games to go, so hopefully things get at least a little more interesting than yesterday’s game was.

One way they had of doing that, if you are going to be attending games this season, is by adding some new food options at the ballpark!

Spoiler alert: Garlic fries and crab sandwiches are still on the menu. Which is good, because I’m going to need to drown my Mac-Williamson-DFA-sorrows in garlic fries.

Speaking of players who are no longer on the team, but who are still beloved, take a second to check out Hunter Pence’s greeting in Texas yesterday. Pence earned a spot on the team as a DH. Which, while painful to this NL-loving heart, is still pretty awesome for him! And more than Timmy got in his very brief fling with the Rangers organization last year.