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Giants add another catcher, but don’t get too attached

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MLB: Colorado Rockies-Media Day Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

With just 72 hours to go until the first pitch of the season, the Giants still haven’t set their roster and they don’t seem all that close to doing so, either. They’ve claimed 27-year old Tom Murphy (no relation) off waivers from the Rockies and designated reliever Merandy Gonzales for assignment. Real quick on the Merandy Gonzales era:

The Giants now have four catchers on their 40-man roster. Expect that to change before Thursday. As I baffled my way through yesterday, it’s unclear what these multiple moves involving the backup catcher are all about, but in a vacuum, they’ve made sense.

Murphy (no relation) hits for a lot of power — .532 slugging in 7 minor league seasons, .439 slugging in 196 major league at bats, and .607 slugging with three home runs in 31 spring plate appearances — and is average on defense. Fangraphs has his framing runs and defensive runs saved both as just a little under 0 for this career. Negative to be sure, but negligibly, and he’s young enough (turns 28 in April) to improve.

Is Buster Posey more injured than the team’s let on? Possibly. Is Murphy an upgrade over Aramis Garcia? Possibly. Are the Giants planning to make another move before Thursday? Definitely.

Murphy (no relation) is mentioned in Purple Row’s season preview that posted today, so his dismissal should come as a bit of a surprise. That power is tantalizing, and it’s possible the Giants just added a guy they saw as an upgrade to the roster, position be damned. I like the power potential here. He’s hit 93 home runs in seven pro seasons and 10 in just 81 MLB games. Also, his blue eyes are hypnotic.

Still, this is Farhan Zaidi we’re talking about. Nothing has been settled. Don’t get too attached.