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Monday BP, 3/25/19

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TCM Classic Film Festival 2016 - Day 3 Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Turner

Over the weekend, The San Francisco Chronicle posted an article about Greg Proops’ Giants fandom. I mostly know Proops through his work on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and I certainly didn’t know that he was a Giants fan, so this was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Proops talks of his early days as a Giants fan, worshiping Willie McCovey, who he considers to be an underrated player; as well as the rivalry between the Giants and Dodgers, which he has this to say about:

Today, first of all, the Dodgers have gone to the World Series two times in a row, and they failed. So how can I not have that schadenfreude that’s so elemental to being a Giants fan. There’s two things we want: One, to win; and when we don’t win for the Dodgers to lose.

See, he really gets it. And it’s possible that this will be all we have this season, so it’s important to remember what really matters.