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Weekend BP, 3/15-3/17/19

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Voters Across The Country Head To The Polls For The Midterm Elections Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Vote! Vote! Vote! As a way of democratizing sports, the All-Star Game voting has been layered into a Primary - Finalist setup, giving MLB an actual Election Day.

As part of a series of rule changes jointly announced by Major League Baseball and the MLB Players’ Association on Thursday, the All-Star Game fan voting process will be overhauled, beginning this year. The traditional process of fans choosing from a ballot of club-nominated players at each position will now be a Primary Round. The top three vote-getters at each position from that round (top six for outfielders) will then advance to an single-day vote that will determine the All-Star Game starters.

That day will take place in late June or early July for a prescribed time period.

Because nothing says “the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat” like ballot box stuffing. Of course, we’re certainly hopeful that Buster Posey is able to make it past the Primary Round. Major League Baseball and the MLBPA also want you to know that they value your time — beginning with this year’s All-Star Game, the new runner at second base to begin an extra inning rule will take effect.

I don’t think I’ve ever read anywhere Rob Manfred’s preferred version of a Major League Baseball game. I’m sure if he was forced to give a five minute statement describing how he’d like to see a game play out — including his preferred length of time — we would be reacting as though we were witnessing a snuff film.

It’s not a stretch to assume that the people who own and manage the things we like don’t actually like the things they own and manage in the way that we like them. They like them because the thing(s) furnishes their lifestyles — the thing is a part of ours.

Anyway, welcome to the world that has always existed. What’s different in 2019, though, is that SB Nation also wants to poll its fandom. Don’t forget to sign up for SB Nation’s FanPulse!

We want to build the definitive poll of *informed* Giants fans, and that includes you. Your votes will be anonymous—though if you join, you’re welcome to tell anyone you like.

The results of each poll will be published by McCovey Chronicles and may end up on also, along with the results from other team sites.

Ready to sign up as a McCovey Chronicles FanPulse participant? CLICK HERE.

Listen, if Smash Mouth can get the Giants to pursue Bryce Harper because of a tweet, then, surely, they’ll listen to some beautiful polling data derived from your FanPulse responses.