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Thursday BP, 3/14/19

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MLB: Spring Training-Texas Rangers at San Francisco Giants Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers posted this yesterday, and while it might not be completely accurate, it still paints a picture of Hunter Pence’s spring as he aims for a spot on the roster.

Sure, it’s spring training, so the numbers are meaningless. Unless you’re a veteran player on a minor league contract aiming to make the team. Pence will be 36 this year, and as Jayson Stark of The Athletic wrote earlier this week, that’s not an ideal place to be in baseball at the moment. So it’s nice to see Pence on track to hopefully have a big league job when the season starts.

In other news:

As Amy says, MLB will announce today that the winner of the Home Run Derby a million dollars as an incentive to get bigger names. The trade deadline will now be THE trade deadline, with no waiver trades allowed after the July 31st deadline. It also says that in 2020, there will be no more one-out relief appearances. Relievers will need to face a minimum of three batters.

I think Sara Sanchez of Bleed Cubby Blue said it best (even if the rule change isn’t until next year, the sentiment remains):