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Larry Baer involved in public incident with spouse

This marks the third time the Giants have made the news for non-baseball reasons this offseason.

Milwaukee Brewers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There is a video circulating that shows Larry Baer arguing with his wife, Pamela, in public. In the course of losing his temper, Baer stands and grabs for something in Pamela’s hand which leads to her falling to the ground while shouting at him and for help. I won’t be embedding the video, as it’s unnecessary, but you can find it online.

Larry Baer was interviewed by a Chronicle reporter soon after the incident:

Although his statement indicates that police were not contacted, it has since been reported that police are interviewing witnesses. Because this news could evoke strong responses, I’m going to be minimal here: Larry Baer was captured on video doing something that led to police interviewing witnesses.


Back in November, after team owner Charles Johnson’s political donations were revealed to have supported a racist political action committee, Larry Baer himself issued a statement in support of Johnson’s right to have personal and political views that also took time to emphasize the team’s civic and social awareness.

Statement from Giants President & CEO Laurence M. Baer Regarding Political Donations


We take seriously the platform we have to make an impact on our community, and for decades we have used it to advocate for social justice and equality, inclusiveness and tolerance in our communities. We were the first team in professional sports to raise money and awareness for a cure for AIDS (Until There’s A Cure Day), the first team to devote a day to preventing domestic and family violence (Strike Out Violence Day) [...]

The team wants to be a positive force in the community, but values only have power when they’re consistently demonstrated and reinforced by the people who assert them.

Otherwise, they’re just words.