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Weekend Spring Training GamesThread

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Chicago White Sox v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Madison Bumgarner will take the mound tonight for his second start of Spring Training and Buster Posey will make his debut in the first NBC Bay Area broadcast of 2019. If you’re not in the Bay Area market, you’ll be able to catch the game on MLB Network.

Behold! A lineup!

That’s... almost... the regular lineup? Right? We’re a Brandon Belt short and Brandon Crawford won’t be playing the field, but that’s very close to what the Opening Day lineup will look like. That’s not a great lineup. Not even a very good lineup. But, dammit, it’s our team’s lineup, which means it’s the best lineup in the world!

Bumgarner will look to bounce back from a bad second inning in his first start of the spring where he gave up six runs (all earned, but some of those were also inherited runners). He hit David Bote in the helmet and gave up some bleeders in that inning after a sharp first inning where it was alleged that he threw a 93 mph fastball. So, that’s something to watch for, along with the following:

  • Joe Panik’s bat — does he look like he’s returned to form?
  • Buster Posey’s three innings of work — does he look the same or has he slowed?
  • Mac Williamson — consistent?
  • Yangervis Solarte — was I right earlier today and there’s something here that can actually help the Giants get to 76 wins this year?