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One last pitch for Bryce Harper?

The rumor mill has swung back around to the Giants having interest in the 26-year old outfielder.

Washington Nationals v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

I had been preparing to write one last “open letter”-type post to the Giants about why they should reconsider a pursuit of Bryce Harper. Not needed!

The Giants have been linked to Harper since basically the start of 2018, to the point that Bobby Evans said numerous times that Harper is the type of player of the Giants would seek to add whenever possible.

There hasn’t been a lot of action this off-season and as a team that is in dire need of a new direction, signing a free agent to a long-term make a deal would seem to be a typical move. But, again, Harper is 26. He’ll still be good when the team around him has been rebuilt, and in the meantime, he’ll sell tickets, put a dent in some of the bad offseason PR, hold on to some potentially drifting fans, and maybe even add new ones to the base.

On the other hand, Farhan Zaidi has been low-balling free agents all off-season, so there is a part of this where it is difficult to imagine the Giants actually being able to make an offer that interests Harper. Then again, we have seen numerous times over the years with several teams, including the Giants, how ownership can come over the top and just make a deal directly with the player’s agent.

Surprisingly, I have evidence to suggest that this is exactly the case. From a very nice tweet that the account was sent yesterday:

Great job, Ronny!

This could be the new Barry Zito contract or it could be that spark of optimism this off-season has sorely lacked. Bryce Harper would improve the Giants, price be damned.

EDITED TO ADD: One last bit of confirmation that this is really a thing: