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Report: Raiders to Oracle is no moreacle

Sunday’s report didn’t quite get it right. Sorry about that.

Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

On Sunday evening, in the wake of a boring Big Game and a craven desire for excitement, I posted an article on a report that the Raiders and Giants had reached an agreement for the 2019 season. I should have said “based on this report, an agreement appears to be close, but nothing has been confirmed”. That would’ve been a great way to prevent the embarrassment of now reporting that it looks like a potential deal is definitely off.

The 49ers won’t be waiving their territorial rights to let the Raiders play in San Francisco, because of the San Francisco 49ers won’t, then no one else can. Piling on is San Francisco mayor London Breed — “As far as I’m concerned, the Oakland Raiders should play in Oakland.”

What this really means for our site is that we won’t be able to do any Raiders news and our new friendship with SB Nation’s Silver & Black Pride ends before it really even gets going. I wasn’t planning on the Giants possibly adding Bryce Harper this offseason, so McC re-skinning some Raiders news seemed like a rich vein we could’ve exploited in our quest to fulfill our post requirements.

For the Giants, this was always and only about the money. They know the Raiders are in a tough spot, and they’re willing to help them for the right price and on their terms. That seems like a willful disregard of what Giants fans might want and given the nature of the NFL, against the idea that the Giants are an organization that stands for social justice. Alas, when there’s money to be made, nothing else matters. Thankfully, everyone not the Raiders or the Giants have stepped up to hold the line.

That means the Raiders might be stuck playing in an office park with the San Francisco 49ers — a team which I think is one of the clearest examples of why inherited wealth is very, very bad for the public good — or they’ll have to find some place else in Oakland for 2019. Have they considered forfeiting the season?