CLOSED - 2019 McC Draft - Registration

It's 2019 McC Draft time! And if you'd like to register to draft this year, this post is for you!

Once again, we have a Registration Form that was created by fellow McCoven Quincy0191. This will do the hard part (aka the math) for you. We are going to ask that you fill out this form as part of the process of registering for the draft to assure that each person's points are calculated the same way.

For reference, the formula used to come to each final point value is draft points = (# of comments) + 80 • (months of membership, rounded to the nearest whole month [i.e. no decimals; 15 days turns into 0 months and 16 turns into 1 month]) + 60 • (number of fanposts and fanshots). Keep in mind that your comment count refers to McCovey Chronicles only and not the SBN mothership as a whole. Your membership date should also be your McC membership specifically. This info can be found on your SBN profile page by clicking Memberships.

To complete your registration, we are also going to ask that you post a new comment below with the information asked for on the form. (You don't have to include if you're a draft volunteer or not in your comment, as that only applies to a select few). This is both to help those of us monitoring the draft stay organized and to let your fellow drafters know how you are arriving to your point total, as this information has always been shared in years past. You should be able to see your total by clicking on the Registered Draftees tab of the Adoption Record.

The Draft Order sheet will be updated periodically throughout the registration process and can be used as a resource to see where you currently stand as well.

The cutoff for registration will be Friday, February 22nd at 11:59PM PT. You might notice that there is a week between now and then, which some might see as a possibility to amass more comments before registering. We are trusting that no one will take advantage of this. If we see someone comment spamming or creating Fanposts in an attempt to increase draft order before officially registering, that will be considered by the moderators before finalizing the draft order.

A few other notes:
- You must release your current adoptee in the Custody Hearings thread prior to Registering for the draft. You can see the status of currently adopted players and Giants adjacent people, places, and things on the Adoption Record.
- On Draft Day, we will be following The Rolling Three Rule. You get one hour from the time you're on the clock to select a "protected pick" where nobody more than two spots below you can pick. After the hour is up, you have 24 hours to make a pick before you go into the secondary draft, which will occur after the main draft is over. For example, if you're up at 10:00AM on Saturday, you then have a protected pick until 11:00AM, at which point you can pick until 10:00AM on Sunday, when you'd go into the secondary draft pool. If you won't be there on draft day or are worried you may miss your protected pick slot, you can submit a proxy form. SUBMITTING A PROXY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, AS THEY WILL BE PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY ONCE YOU GO ON THE CLOCK. You can list up to twenty potential adoptees on the form, and you can also update your proxy form at any point by simply resubmitting that form, even once the draft is live! Remember that even if you submit a proxy form, you still have to register on this post!
- The Willie Mays Exception: any Giants-related player, former player, staffer, coach, manager, executive, or just about any noun is available to be drafted, EXCEPT for Willie Mays. Nobody can draft him.
- If someone hasn't confirmed that they're keeping their adoptee in this year's Custody Hearings thread, then they are considered released and are free for anyone to adopt. Please refer to the McC Adoption Record for the current status of adoptees.
- There is no compensation if your player gets DFA'd or does not make the team out of Spring Training (keep this in mind, all of you clamoring to draft Yangervis Solarte). If he gets traded, then you can take the player he is traded for as your own. If multiple players are traded, it will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with moderators having final say.
- Only one adoptee per parent (unless the two items go together as if they were one, i.e. garlic and fries).

This year's draft is taking place on Saturday, February 23rd and will begin at 10am PT. You can check out the Draft Order to see where your pick is relative to everyone else's but it really is hard to know exactly what time your pick will come up. Use of proxy forms keep things moving pretty swiftly. Remember that if you DO fill out a proxy form but are in the Draft Thread when your pick comes up, you can choose to draft for yourself rather than have your pick processed by moderators. Live drafters will have a five-minute window to pick for themselves if they are on the clock with someone who has filled out a proxy form one or two slots below them. Again, here is the Adoption Record to help you keep up with who has been kept and released. Keep in mind there are also former players, minor leaguers, organization members, etc. who are not listed on this sheet. The 2019 Community Prospects list has just been completed and is a fantastic resource for finding new adoptees! If you do not see a name on a tab, that player/alum/org member is available. Except Willie, of course.

Enough from me! Register!

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