CLOSED - 2019 McC Draft - Custody Hearings

Alrighty! We're a week away from the first Spring Training game, which means it's time to check in on our adoptees! This year, we will be celebrating the first game of the spring by having our draft on that same day, so mark your calendars for Saturday, February 23rd! The draft will begin at 10am, PT.

If you currently have an adoptee, you MUST comment here even if you want to keep your adoptee and not participate in the draft. If you do not comment here, your adoptee will be considered released and draftable by anyone.
If you currently have an adoptee but plan to register for the 2019 Draft, you must release your current adoptee.

The 2019 Adoption Record now reflects all currently adopted players, org members, prospects, and Giants-adjacent people, places and things as "pending." IF your name is next to a pending adoptee, please comment in the thread below with the following information:

1. Your McC username

2. Your current adoptee

3. If you plan to KEEP or RELEASE your adoptee

Please create a fresh comment thread for each hearing and try to keep off-topic chatter to a minimum in this thread. As parents check in, the Adoption Record will reflect which adoptees have been claimed or released, but please keep in mind that this may not be immediate.

Please note that if you plan to register for the 2019 McC Draft, you can do so in the Registration post. Registration will be open through Friday, February 22nd.

Copied from all Custody Hearing Threads before this one, should it be applicable to anyone: Adoptee-for-adoptee trading is permitted as long as all involved parties keep their new adoptee through end of the 2019 draft (basically, no trading and then relinquishing to enter the draft). If you and another poster(s) are trading, everyone involved in the transaction must comment here confirming the trade. Draft position, draft points or anything besides a specific adopted person/thing cannot be traded.

A few housekeeping notes:

- This thread will close at 11:59pm PT on Thursday, February 21. Anyone who does not claim their adoptee by this time will have their adoptee released and thus eligible to be drafted on Saturday, February 23rd.

- While this thread will be watched to check in on claims and releases, the Adoption Record will NOT be live updated. If you'd like to assist in maintaining the record, please check in at the Preliminary Draft Thread.

- If you are a current parent, please take this time to look at the Adoption Record to confirm that your name is listed next to your adoptee's. If something seems off about your record, please say so in the comments and it will be looked into.

- Please keep in mind that the Adoption Record is still a work in progress. Not all former Giants have been deleted at this time, nor have all players new to the organization been added.

- We will NOT be personally contacting anyone to remind them to check in. This thread will be posted in the majority of new threads throughout the next week.

Once again, the 2019 McC Draft will begin on Saturday, February 23rd at 10am PT.

Parenting time!

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