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Weekend BP, 2/15-2/17/19

Milwaukee Brewers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

It has been brought to my attention by several members of the community that Wednesday’s BP regarding the death of Johnny Cueto’s horse was cold and offensive. I’m sorry about that. I offer no good explanation and certainly understand how it reveals more about my character than anyone’s interested in coming to learn about someone who writes for a baseball blog.

Horses are majestic creatures, but more than that, ignoring someone who’s clearly in mourning wasn’t a healthy choice on my part — in fact, calling into question why horses keep dying on his property when horses can die for various reasons and this was clearly an accident was actually just mean. So, again, I’m sorry for being a rude, mean asshole. One extra minute of contemplation on my part and I could’ve avoided it.

As I said then, horses can die for various reasons. Here’s one I’d never considered:

Meanwhile, in happier news, Jalynne Crawford is trying to recruit Bryce Harper to sign with the Giants through Kayla Harper’s Instagram. This seems like it has a greater chance of working than Brandon Crawford’s strategy earlier in the offseason. All he did was send Bryce Harper a text. Everybody gets text messages, but Instagram posts are public documents. This is as close to a Say Anything scenario as we can get in the digital age.

So, thank you, Jalynne Crawford, for stepping up and being the one to pull the Giants closer to signing Bryce Harper.