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Wednesday BP, 2/13/19

Melbourne Racing Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Johnny Cueto has lost another horse. This one was also named Popeye. Popeye II, if you will.

As with Popeye I, you can see the picture of the actually dead horse over on Johnny Cueto’s Instagram. In the meantime, please allow me to do my Chris Rock voice impression to express my shock:

ANOTHER horse, Johnny?


That’s two dead horses in Cueto’s time with the Giants. Cueto was placed on the 60-day disabled injured list today, by the way, as he’s still recovering from Tommy John surgery. While his Instagram is basically memorializing Popeye II, you can go back to a bit earlier and find him working out as part of offseason conditioning and rehab. He looks good, even if his horse does not.

Horses do have heart attacks and die. Most of them don’t live until old age. I’m not suggesting Johnny Cueto is a horse killer or even that the conditions on his land are too poor to care for horses, I’m just standing here in shock that Johnny Cueto has lost another horse. Another Popeye. If the Cueto Family Farm won’t evaluate is care procedures, they should at least consider jumping out of the Popeye naming convention.

RIP Popeye II.