2019 McC Draft - Preliminary Thread

It's almost baseball time! Another FanFest has come and gone, Farhan's on the lookout for a few last minute pieces and non-roster invitations have been handed out. Pitchers and catchers report this week and we have our first San Francisco Giants baseball game of 2019 in the near future!

You all know what that means! It's time for 2019 McCovey Chronicles Draft!

In this thread, we should:

- Confirm a date & time for the McC Draft to take place. The first Spring Training game is February 23rd, which is an option. I will include a few other options, including a new (!!) idea in a poll below, so please vote!

- Gather volunteers to assist in Draft Registration, Custody Hearings and running the actual draft. This will also include maintaining the Adoption Record and Draft Order sheet once Custody Hearings and Registration begin. Keeping Proxy Forms organized leading up to and during the draft would be helpful as well. While I love heading the draft, these tasks can be a bit time consuming, so if you would like to help with the paperwork, please let me know below!

- Confirming that Quincy0191's Draft Registration form is good to go for this year. Last year, filling out this form was a requirement to be registered for the draft, as was posting the information publicly in the comment section to aid both draft volunteers and for full disclosure to other participants. I believe we are happy with that process, but if you have an objection, now is the time to make it known.

- Consider any possible changes deemed necessary to the draft process. Things to consider here are point formula, draft window, proxy forms vs. live drafting, etc. We did not have a post-draft analysis last year so now is the time to bring up any concerns for discussion.

- Sort out any custody situations regarding recently traded players. We had a few big ones last year but off the top of my head, I can't think of any this year, so if it does apply to you, please say so! This will help to determine a. who the player's McC parent is before the draft itself and b. if they are available to draft before Custody Hearings and Registration begins.

In this thread, we should NOT:

- Claim or release any current adoptees.
- Register for the draft
- Try to adopt someone right here and now.

*Note that all hyperlinks above link to their 2018 component. The linked Google Sheets have not yet been touched since last year and are subject to change before and throughout the draft.

We'll leave this thread open for discussion and input for a few days and then I'll likely get Custody Hearings and Registration threads up shortly thereafter, so once we kick this thing off, things are going to happen fast. Please feel free to tweet this link out if you know you have McC followers and share it in new threads if you see it hasn't been posted yet.

Keep in mind that if you already have an adoptee that you plan to keep or release, you do not have to do anything until the Custody Hearings thread goes up. If you release your current adoptee and plan to re-draft, you can then register in the Registration Thread.

If you have any questions about how the McC Draft works, this is a great place to ask! The linked threads above also have a lot of info!

Please vote for your preferred draft date option below. Keep in mind you do NOT need to be present the day of the draft if you fill out a proxy form, however, any and all live drafting and commenting is welcome!

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