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Chroncast #89: D.B. Firstman

Come have fun with baseball names on the final Chroncast!

Preparations For Opening Day At Fenway Park
A picture of baseball names to accompany the post concerning an interview with the foremost historian on baseball names . . . get it?
Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

I think it worked out pretty well that the name of our guest on the very last episode of this podcast is Firstman.

D.B. was one of my first Baseball Twitter follows outside the mainstream writers who had just figured out the platform, and what has always drawn me to their work is their pure joy for the game.

You might know D.B. best Baseball Twitter’s Chief Spoonerizer, and it’s in this same spirit that they’ve written a book, Hall of Name: Baseball’s Most Magnificent Monikers from “The Only Nolan” to “Van Lingle Mungo’ and More, which we talk about in a fun, quick chat.

We also revisit some of the best spoonerisms out there, our favorite Simpsons episodes, and, of course — because I really wanted to take these last few episodes to explore how people felt about the state of the game — the state of the game.

When I dragooned Doug into doing a podcast with me back in 2015, I had no idea where it would go. I think we can all agree that the results have been . . . mixed . . . at best, but I think it’s given us some great things such as voices to names we read, interviews with people who don’t ordinarily get a spotlight, spinoff showcases for Sami and Roger, and a very loyal listenership for which I’m grateful.

Thank you, D.B. for the chat, and thank you all for your time.