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Madison Bumgarner signs 5-year deal with Diamondbacks

At least it’s not the Dodgers, but it’s still in the division.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Madison Bumgarner is no longer a Giant. At least he’s not a Dodger.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported Sunday afternoon that the Arizona Diamondbacks have signed Madison Bumgarner to a five-year deal.

According to Ken Rosenthal, Bumgarner gets $85M with $15 million deferred. That’s an even $17 million a year.

The deal comes in the wake of a week’s worth of rumors of the Los Angeles Dodgers turning to pursue Bumgarner after losing out on Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon. There were rumors the Dodgers were ready to welcome him, including long-time rival Clayton Kershaw, and that Bumgarner himself was not opposed to joining the Dodgers.

Instead, Bumgarner stays in the division, and can continue that rivalry, just in a different uniform. Or, um, nine different uniforms. But he’ll also face his former team regularly.

Bumgarner goes to Chase Field, a stadium where he loves hitting. He’ll anchor a rotation that has had no real leader since the Diamondbacks traded Zach Greinke. He joins former part-time batterymate Stephen Vogt there in Arizona as the Diamondbacks try to retool for another run, but missing their recent stars and stalwarts. It will take some work for Arizona to get the World Series legend back to the fall classic.

The signing means the Giants will receive another compensatory draft pick following the second round, which should be around the mid-70s overall. The final draft order will be set after Josh Donaldson and Marcell Ozuna sign. The Giants will have four draft picks in the Top 100, unless they sign either Donaldson or Ozuna. (Which, come on — no.)

Farhan Zaidi has made it clear that he is ready for the team to move on from its past, as painful as it might be. In the short-term, Bumgarner could still help the team, but the Giants aren’t looking for short-term solutions that carry long-term cost.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers remain spurned by the top free agents. If nothing else, that’s something we can smile about.

And go ahead and mark your calendar for early April...