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Weekend BP, 12/13-12/15

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

Yesterday, the Giants announced some changes to the ballpark for this upcoming season. We knew that they were moving the bullpens, and the chief complaint among those who were against this idea was that they would miss being able to watch the pitchers warm up.

It seems the organization took that into account, because with the new pens, fans will have direct views from multiple areas. Fans in some bleacher seating will have views into the bullpen, as will fans in the kale garden and they are adding new standing room only terraces that overlook them as well.

In addition to the changes to the bullpen, they’ve announced changes to the park dimensions. The new dimensions will affect the following parts of the yard:

  • The intersection of the left field and center field walls will move from 404 feet to 399 feet.
  • The middle of the center field wall will move from 399 feet to 391 feet.
  • Triples Alley (the intersection of the center field wall and the brick right field wall) will move from 421 feet to 415 feet.

So, hopefully we’ll see a few less Oracle Park robberies next season.