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Chroncast #86: Grant Brisbee returns again

Our final batch of episodes kicks off with the guy who started it all.

Rode PodMic Podcast Microphone Photo by Neil Godwin/Future Publishing via Getty Images

We’re in the endgame now. Maybe.

With California’s AB-5 law going into effect January 1st, it’s hard to know just how this site will look next month. So, before anything drastic happens, we’re blitzing you with our end of the decade retrospective and four new podcast episodes.

The first of these features a familiar name. Grant Brisbee, responsible for this very site if not a good chunk of SB Nation, takes some time out of his busy schedule with The Athletic to talk over everything of value: blogging, dog videos — you know, the usual. But also, stuff like how he felt after leaving SB Nation and what he thinks about the site these days.

Without being overtly maudlin, it was great having him on if this is the final month of the site as we’ve come to understand it. Please do count the number of times I say, “I really appreciate you for (blank).”

Anyway, because I couldn’t think of another way of introducing this and I didn’t want it to be the header image because as quaint as it is overall, it still looks exactly like what it is: a fan meeting a famous person. This is from Social Media Night back in 2013 (the Marco Scutaro Rain Globe Giveaway Day):

On the schedule for the rest of this month: D.B. Firstman, author of the forthcoming book, Hall of Name: Baseball’s Most Magnificent Monikers from “The Only Nolan” to “Van Lingle Mungo” and More; Craig Goldstein, Editor-in-Chief of Baseball Prospectus; one more triocast with Bryan, Doug, and Sami; and the long-awaited end of the year prospect podcast with Roger and Kevin.

Here’s the xml link to our feed. You can check out the show page right here. We’re also on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and brand new for this season — Spotify.

You can find all new episodes and our archive on all feeds and listen to everything in the embedded show player down below.