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Tuesday BP, 12/10

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The Giants might announce their full coaching staff today, but before we get into the weeds dissecting their resumes, let’s take a look at the quick Giants hits from the first full day of the Winter Meetings:

  • Pablo Sandoval got married in Florida over the weekend and a bunch of current and former Giants were in attendance:

I really love that Mike Yastrzemski was there. Pablo Sandoval can’t say his last name, but he still wanted a glass of whiskey at his wedding ceremony. Also, hello, Gregor Blanco!

“People talk a lot about how we’re in the entertainment business and one thing I’ve learned about the fans of our team is the connection they have with the players is different than what I’ve experienced elsewhere, and that’s something that I’ve had to learn and appreciate and make an adjustment to.

We must absolutely not read that as any sort of indication that the Giants will splurge in free agency to patch their holes and simply an acknowledgement by the team’s Big Kahuna that he’s heard the cries of the people.

  • Does that mean the Giants might be on Madison Bumgarner? They’re at least in touch with his representatives, per that same My Teams interview; but, let’s be real: Bumgarner’s going to get somewhere in the range of 5 years and $100+ million. The Giants might help get the bidding up, but I can’t see them having the winning one.
  • But, Kerry Crowley indicates that the Giants might sign one or two starting pitchers before the end of the Winter Meetings. If you scour the list of free agent pitchers, you’ll find at least two former Dodgers on it: Alex Wood and Rich Hill. Technically, that would satisfy the rumor. Who do you think they might pursue? Will they take my advice and look into Martin Perez? If so, that doesn’t seem like a Winter Meetings signing. On the other hand, neither did Kyle Gibson, and he’s already signed, so, maybe time of the offseason calendar is irrelevant.