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Weekend BP, 11/29-12/1

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

I’m writing this post on Wednesday, which means you’ve already seen this farewell tweetletter from Stephen Vogt many, many times.

But here it is again.

I admit being comically cynical towards Vogt’s signing earlier in the year. I thought, “Of course Farhan thinks everything about the Giants is bad and wants to bring in whatever pieces of his old teams he can find just to make him feel better about the bad hand he’s been dealt”, but also, “an old catcher coming back from shoulder surgery? Hah.” That’s right. I laugh internally.

But I was wrong. So, so wrong. It wasn’t just the big hits. It was the way he saved Tyler Beede’s bacon many, many times. It was the way he seemed to rouse the team from its post-success slumber. The Giants have been a joyless, soul-sucking team with a roster of players and coaches who had nothing left to prove simply going through the motions. Having hungry vets with plenty to prove inspiring young players who have everything to prove will always be a compelling storyline in a season.

It’s hard to imagine Stephen Vogt’s personality being a fit for the Arizona Diamondbacks, but maybe having a joyful guy with a personality will finally give that team some. Although, you know, Ketel Marte seems like a really cool dude — in addition to being an All-Star.

We are not ready for all the game-winning hits against the Giants he’ll deliver in 2020, but maybe that’s because we’re not totally prepared for the amount of losing they’re about to experience.

Then again, I’m only basing that on the lack of moves the team has made so far early in the offseason and figure to make as the offseason progresses. We’re probably — definitely — going to have to wait until January and February for a flurry of non-roster invites and assorted minor league deals. Maybe a few minor trades here and there.

So, in the meantime, let’s lament what we continue to lose. We’ve lost the luster of a championship team, we’ve lost the performance of former All-Stars and an MVP. Lost an ace. Lost a Hall of Fame manager. Lost a great deal of respect for the people who own the franchise. And now lost one of the few fun and contributing players from last year.

There will be fun players in the future. Maybe. But until then, we just have more to lose.

Have a great weekend!