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Weekend BP, 11/22-11/24

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning, McCoven!

And Happy Friday! So I wrote yesterday about how it was a slow news day, and then a bunch of stuff happened. So I wanted to clarify that these are usually written early afternoon the day before, so I OBVIOUSLY missed the big news of Matt Duffy being designated by the Tampa Bay Rays.

You all likely remember the Matt Duffy trade that brought back Matt Moore to feature prominently in the Giants’ last playoff appearance in this decade. And you likely also remember how everything seems to have fallen apart since then. In early 2016, the Giants were a juggernaut. Then came the All Star break and the trade that shocked the entire fanbase and suddenly, the Giants went from being one of the best teams in baseball to being one of the worst. And little has improved since.

Now, obviously, the Duffy trade likely did not have much to do with any of it. Correlation does not equal causation and all of that. But with Duffy being available again, it’s hard to fault fans who wonder “what if?” with regards to the so-called curse of Skeeter (RIP), or those who just want to see the Duffman back in orange and black once more.