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Thursday BP, 11/21/19

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Boston Red Sox Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, McCoven!

Dereck Rodriguez may not have had the sophomore season he was hoping for, having gotten shuffled around between being a starter, going to Sacramento and moving to the bullpen. But I bet you this will still go down as one of the best years of his life. Just not for baseball reasons.

Rodriguez got married over the weekend and the Giants shared this photo:

We join them in congratulating the pair and wishing them a happy life together

And yes, before you say it, it’s a slow news day. The wait for Madison Bumgarner continues. The stove is practically an ice box at this point when it comes to the Giants. And there are no signs as of yet that the team will be in the hunt for any free agents this year. So we’re just playing the waiting game while the work gets done behind the scenes. Fun!